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It's Back to School Time: Are Your Kids Up to Date on These Important Vaccines?

Back-to-school is a special time for parents. It combines the thrill of a new year with the dread of making sure everything’s checked off your to-do list. Are vaccines still on there? Don't worry! If you're not sure which important vaccines your child needs, we're here to remind you.

Dr. Gina Labovitz and our team at Ross Bridge Medical Center Pediatrics, are here with information that'll help prepare you.

When to get your child vaccinated

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention make planning your child’s vaccination schedule easy. Before your son or daughter starts school, there are many vaccinations they'll need. These include:

It’s important to make sure your child has the recommended dose of all these vaccinations before they start school.


Most vaccinations aren’t necessary for your child to receive every year, but the influenza shot is different.

Your child is eligible at six months old and should receive an influenza shot once a year. This shot prevents the flu from spreading, which will protect your children and their classmates. After all, being home with the flu is a surefire way for your kid to fall behind in their lessons. Make sure they have this shot every year to stay healthy. 

Catch-up shots

Depending on your child’s age and prior medical history they may need MMR, IPV, Varicella, and HepB vaccines. These are usually readministered to older children who've already gotten the vaccines as babies or toddlers.

Older children, such as those in their last few years of high school, may also need certain vaccinations or boosters. These can include tetanus, meningitis, and flu shots. All of them protect against issues that are likely to occur and/or spread in a dorm atmosphere.

How do I know what my child needs?

The best way to find out which vaccines your child may or may not need this school year is to visit your pediatrician and consult the files on their previous vaccinations.

Dr. Labovitz is happy to work with you and answer any questions you might have. After all, it's your child’s health. You're in control!

Call 205-208-8212 to schedule an appointment at our Hoover, AL office, or visit us online.

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