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ADHD is a developmental disorder that can cause serious disruption in the lives of children who have the condition and the people around them. The Team at Ross Bridge Medical Center Pediatrics can help parents and children who are struggling with behavioral and developmental problems like ADHD. Call the clinic today to find out more, or book an appointment online.


What is ADHD?

ADHD is short for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a developmental condition affecting learning, behavior, and attention. Children who have ADHD find it hard to do well at school and struggle with relationships, and if they aren’t diagnosed they are labeled as failures and disappointments.

Parents of children who have undiagnosed ADHD also find their child’s behavior a struggle to cope with and find they don’t know how to manage, often blaming themselves for what they see as their inability to handle their child.

How do I know if my child has ADHD?

Only a qualified medical professional can give you an accurate diagnosis, but if you see certain traits in your child it’s a good idea to schedule an evaluation at Ross Bridge Medical Center Pediatrics. Children who have ADHD are likely to show signs such as:

  • Being easily distracted
  • Having problems concentrating
  • Behaving impulsively
  • Acting without thinking
  • Disregarding their own safety when excited
  • Finding it hard to cope with frustration
  • Having dramatic mood swings
  • Being fidgety and full of energy
  • Finding it difficult to keep still
  • Getting up from their seat at school when they should be still
  • Finding sequencing and organizational skills difficult

Some children who have ADHD experience spells when they drift into a dream world and seem to lose connection with what’s going on around them.

These behaviors often cause underachievement at school, despite children often being as bright as their classmates.

What is the process for diagnosing and treating ADHD?

If you read through the list of typical signs of ADHD, you’ll see that these are all behaviors that most children exhibit at certain times. To receive a diagnosis of ADHD your child would need to have been displaying symptoms for a minimum of six months by their seventh birthday. The behaviors should be a frequent occurrence and display a greater intensity than is typical of children that age.

Treatment for ADHD typically centers around medication. Stimulants are the most effective and safe form of medication for children who have ADHD, helping them to focus and control their behavior. It can take time to find the best type of stimulant and the optimal dose, but Dr. Marak works with you and your child to find the optimum combination.

Stimulant medications are often prescribed alongside behavior therapy, which adds an extra dimension to enabling children to manage their symptoms.

To find out more about ADHD and arrange a consultation, call Ross Bridge Medical Center Pediatrics today, or book an appointment online.