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Sick Visits

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When your child is sick, you don’t want to wait for a routine pediatrician appointment; you want them seen that day. The Team at Ross Bridge Medical Center Pediatrics in Hoover, Alabama, offers same-day sick visits for children with urgent medical needs who don’t need to go to the emergency room. Call the clinic today to find out more about sick visits, or book an appointment online.

Sick Visits

What are sick visits?

When your child is sick or in pain and you need urgent attention, you want to see a doctor as soon as possible. At Ross Bridge Medical Center Pediatrics, same-day appointments are always available for your sick child, ensuring a speedy recovery for them and peace of mind for you, and helping to stop the spread of infection.

No matter what your concern is, if you feel your child needs to see Dr. Marak or a member of the team for a sick visit, you can be sure that they are taking your worries seriously and making every effort to find out what’s causing your child’s condition. Prompt action in the early stages of illness ensures treatment is optimally effective, so call Ross Bridge Medical Center Pediatrics for advice as soon as your child gets sick.

What kinds of symptoms might require a sick visit?

Any symptoms your child is experiencing that aren’t so severe they need to go to the emergency room, yet are too pressing to wait for a regular appointment, would require a sick visit. Common symptoms your child might develop include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation or fecal impaction
  • Fever
  • Skin rash or hives
  • Mild dehydration
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stomach pain
  • Bad headache
  • Sore throat
  • Hacking cough
  • Swollen legs or arms
  • Reactions to insect bites and stings

If your child has any of these symptoms and seems unwell, or complains of feeling sick, it’s best to get them checked out by a member of the team at Ross Bridge Medical Center Pediatrics.

How should I care for a sick child?

If your child is sick, in most cases it’s a passing problem that their immune system can take care of with a little help from Dr. Marak and her team, so don’t get overly distressed. You can always discuss your concerns and bring your child in for a sick visit, even if it’s just to put your mind at rest.

Specific care for a sick child depends on their illness, but in general rest, plenty of clear fluids, and nutritious food when they’re able to eat should help them recover. Dr. Marak can advise you on specific care in your child’s case when you go in for your sick visit. There’s plenty of information available online as well, but make sure you’re referring to a reputable source, and don’t use what you find online as a substitute for pediatric care.

Whenever your child needs medical attention, call Ross Bridge Medical Center Pediatrics and arrange a sick visit, or book an appointment online.